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Media creating a theater of absurdity: Donald Trump

Media creating a theater of absurdity: Donald Trump

Washington: Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has claimed that by bringing up his alleged cases of sexual assault, the media outlets were creating a “theater of absurdity” that threatens to tear the country’s democratic process apart.

“The media is now creating a theater of absurdity that threatens to tear our democratic process apart and poison the minds of the American public,” Trump, 70, said on Friday after seventh woman accused him of sexual assault.

Trump said when such allegations are given the same weighting on national television as the president of the US, and unfounded accusations are treated as fact, with reporters throwing due diligence and fact-finding to the side in a rush to file their stories first, it is evident that Americans truly are living in a broken system.

“Hillary Clinton can spend all of her time and money pushing complete lies against our campaign, but I refuse to fall victim to this vicious cycle of personal attacks,” Trump said. Also read: An open letter by former Nuclear Launch Officers against Donald Trump “In the coming days I plan on addressing our nation in a more personal way to present my vision for how together we fight to bring back American jobs and defend our country against radical Islamic terrorism,” he said.

“I will take my message directly to the American people and bypass the unethical press that wants to see their candidate elected. Together, we will make America great again,” Trump said. Trump has been facing a lot of criticism for his lewd remarks against women and bragging about sexual assaults against them in an old video that has recently surfaced.