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Meet five successful Hijabi athletes

Meet five successful Hijabi athletes
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Rules of many sports around the world are not in support of Hijab but still these five successful Muslim female athletes choose to wear the headscarf.

Recently, in 2012, the International Volleyball Federation altered its rules to allow a less revealing uniform and in 2014, FIFA allowed soccer players to wear Hijab.

1. Ibtihaj Muhammad, Fencer
Ibtihaj Muhammad is a 30-year-old Saber Fencer from New Jersey who will be the first American athlete in Hijab to compete at the Olympic Games this summer.

It is to be noted that Mohammed started fencing when she was 13-years-old. Her talent, passion and courage have caught the attention of many including US President, Barak Obama.

2. Amaiya Zafar, Boxer
Amaiya Zafar is a 15-year-old amateur boxer from Minnesota. In September, Zafar wanted to compete in a USA Boxing-sanctioned event, but couldn’t due to an international boxing rule. Although the rule is a hurdle for her, she continues to pursue her boxing career by training at local gym.

3. Stephanie Kurlow, Ballerina
Stephanie Kurlow from Sydney, Australia quit her dreams of becoming a professional ballerina after she accepted Islam in 2010. Now she wants to open a arts school for kids and teens to inspire them.

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4. Zahra Lari, Figure Skater
In 2014, Zahra Lari from United Arab Emirates became the first figure skater from the Gulf region to compete in the European Cup. Now she is getting trained to compete at the 2018 Winter Olympics. She said that she want to prove that a Hijabi woman from desert can also participate in a winter sport at the Winter Olympics.

5. Amna Al Haddad, Weightlifter
Amna Al Haddad is a 26-year-old Emirati weightlifter. In 2012, she became the first hijabi to compete at CrossFit Asia. In 2013, she was also the first hijabi to compete at the Arnold Weightlifting Championship in Ohio. Last year, she won six gold medals and three silver medal at the International Weightlifting Federation Asian Interclub Championships in Jordan.

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