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Meet Lalbabu, a Hanuman Bhakt is also a rozedaar

Meet Lalbabu, a Hanuman Bhakt is also a rozedaar

Gorakhpur: Lalbabu,  a self-proclaimed Hanuman bhakt in Gorakhpur sets an example of communal harmony by observing roza for the 29th consecutive year this Ramzan.

He is of the opinion that other religion’s varied ways of worship lead one to the same eternal power and is also quite confident that by doing this, his Lord Hanuman isn’t disappointed with him.

Lalbabu,  who runs a toy shop in the city’s Urdu Bazaar area shares his experience with Times of India:

“My father, late Ganga Prasad, once vowed to observe a roza if he was able to get his own shop. Once his wish was fulfilled, he fasted on Ramzan throughout his life. My mannat, on the other hand, pertained to having a child. One day, during Ramzan, I asked Bhagwan to bless me with a child and vowed to fast on the first 10 days of the month if my wish was fulfilled. The Almighty fulfilled my wish and for the last 29 years, I have observed roza on the first 10 days of Ramzan.”

“I’m a devotee of Lord Hanuman and never miss any Tuesday prayers. I never felt that Hanumanji did not like me fasting during Ramzan.God is one and we see him in different avatars. I may be a Hindu and follow my religion, but keeping roza is not against my faith, he added.

During Ramzan,  Lalbabu also does a lot of charity work,”The holy month isn’t just about fasting but also leading a pious life and helping others. So, I try and engage in charitable work during Ramzan as much as I can, especially on Tuesdays, as the day is dedicated to Lord Hanuman.
“I felt that my prosperity increased manifold over the last 29 years, so I exhort everyone to do charity work on Tuesdays in the month of Ramzan.”
“We should understand that following good things of other religions doesn’t change our faith but only help us understand God in a better way. Now, whenever I go to the temple I feel truly satisfied because I respect God in all his forms.”