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Mehmeet Syed gives global audience a taste of Kashmiri music

Mehmeet Syed gives global audience a taste of Kashmiri music

Srinagar (J-K) : Kashmiri artiste Mehmeet Syed is playing a tremendous role to popularize the Kashmiri classical, folk, light and sufiyana music on international level.

One of the renowned signers of Jammu and Kashmir, Syed, has got a melodious voice, which allows her to sing both sufi and folk music with ease.

She was born in Makhdoom sahib area of Srinagar in a well to do family. Her father was a doctor and her late mother was a music teacher, who began imparting music training on Syed from a very young age.

Apart from excelling in the music, Syed is also a dentist, who has a BDS degree. To pursue her passion in music, she set her dental career aside and went on to pursue a degree in music.

She now performs across the globe and enthrals the connoisseurs of Kashmiri folk music with her mellifluous voice and unique way of singing.

Mehmeet’s popularity is growing by the day, which is evident from the fact that her recent performances in Australia , New Zealand and America attracted massive crowds.

She is now set to perform in Dubai, where she would do three shows to popularise Kashmiri music and help it reach the masses. (ANI)