‘Meldonium’ drug: Maria Sharapova suspended from Tennis

‘Meldonium’ drug: Maria Sharapova suspended from Tennis

Maria Sharapova admits she has been taking Meldonium from the last ten years . Simultaneously she adds that the drug was not in the banned list since the last ten years but from January it took a U-turn and got counted in the banned list which she was unware of.

Meldonium is is prescribed everywhere to help protect heart tissue by regulating metabolism although it is not approved by the Food and Drug Administration in the United States

It has also been used by neurological clinics to treat patients who have asthenia and an abnormal lack of energy.

In an email to CNN, Sharapova’s attorney said the tennis player consumed 500mg of mildronate on a regular basis for 10 years and that she was unaware the drug had another name and was banned.

Sharapova was prescribed the drug in early 2006, according to her attorney, after her tests revealed that “she has some immune deficiency, abnormal EKG results, diabetes indicators, low magnesium and asthenia”