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Do Men Overeat In The Company Of Women?

Do Men Overeat In The Company Of Women?

Ever wondered why some guys eat so freaking much? Well, according to a new study, he’s probably just stuffing his face to impress you. Because what’s more endearing than a guy who can down an entire pizza in one sitting, right?

A new study revealed that overeating in men may be linked to impressing a potential mate. Researchers at Cornell University found that men tend to eat significantly more when dining in the presence of women compared to how much they eat when with men, published by stylecaster.

About 105 individuals aged 18 to 81 years old who were eating at an Italian buffet were observed by researchers over the course of two weeks. The number of pizza slices and bowls of salad consumed by each individual was recorded. The gender of the individual’s eating partner or partners were also observed.

To come up with the results more specifically, men eating with women ate 93% more pizza (1.44 more slices) and 86% more salad.

Additionally, while women do not eat significantly differently as a function of the sex of their dining partners, women eating with men tended to estimate themselves to have eaten more and reported feeling like they were rushed and overate.

Instead, researchers suggest that men eat more around females simply because they can, or more specifically, to show the lucky lady that they can eat whatever they want and still look this good.

Kevin Kniffin, lead study author and a visiting assistant professor at Cornell University, explained that the findings show men are trying to prove they’re “healthy enough that they can engage in the unhealthful behavior of excessive eating (and still end up OK).” Kind of like how supermodels tell us they never diet and love to eat pasta, when we really have a sneaking suspicion that a carb hasn’t passed those lips in years.