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MIM and TRS workers collide in Rajendra Nagar

MIM and TRS workers collide in Rajendra Nagar

Hyderabad: A minor incident in Qayam Nagar of Rajinder Nagar led to severe violence in the area. It is understood that MIM workers collided with TRS in order to stabiles their political strength. They attacked TRS workers and due to their vandalism ladies were also targeted.

According to the reports, objections were raised for speedy motorcycling. Immediately a group of MIM workers attacked TRS workers.

TRS workers mentioned that it was an organized attack since pressure was being mounted to stop TRS activities in the area. Mr. Inayath Ali Baqueri, TRS leader and SETWIN chairman reached the spot and took stock of the situation. He condemned the attack on TRS workers and said that he will take up the matter to TRS high command. He requested the police commissioner to take severe notice of it. He expressed his anxiety that why objections are being raised for extending TRS activities in old city. He alleged that MIM wants to establish its grip in the area. He further told that TRS has common popularity among the people.

Inspector of Police of Rajinder Nagar, Mr. Amerinder told that cases have been registered against both the parties.

–Siasat News