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MIM reveals its true colours during GHMC elections

MIM reveals its true colours during GHMC elections

Aggravated on being rejected by the people and driven by the fear of defeat, MIM’s incompetent MLA showed his true colours on Tuesday following the polling. Amjadullah Khan Khaled who was returning from Mumtaz College polling booth when Malakpet MLA and his supporters made fatal attack on him. The news spread like a wild fire and activist of MBT reach there in large numbers and protested against the attack. Heavy police force was called following which Amjadullah Khan Khaled was shifted o Yashoda hospital where he is undergoing treatment.

Speaking to media person Amjadullah Khan Khaled told that he was returning to MBT office, Chanchalguda along with his driver from Mumtaz College police booth after the polling concluded, when Malakpet MLA along with hundreds of supporter attacked him leaving him injured.

Dr. Qayam Khan asserted that MIM’s ineffective leadership has sensed that now the people have rejected them; feeling jittery they have resorted to cheap tactics. This has proved that they have lost public faith. He further claimed that MIM has become party of rowdy elements and now people will teach them a lesson.

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