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MIM’s lie exposed with regard to Bhainsa graveyard

Hyderabad: The new trick adopted by a local leader of Bhainsa to gobble up valuable Waqf land under the patronage of MIM has been exposed. Different statement was issued locally to pacify Muslims of Bhainsa while efforts are on to obtain NOC for construction of compound wall. Efforts are on since long to gobble up the 3111 sqyds valuable land of Abdullah Khan Graveyard in Bhainsa and to declare it municipal land. Nearly 40 shops have been constructed by razing the graves, for sure. Sadly the party which claims to be the representative of Muslims and guardian of Waqf properties has sent a letter to Waqf Board recommending issuing NOC to construct compound wall on Waqf land.

Hyderabad MP Asaduddin Owaisi who is also a member of Waqf Board has sent a letter to Waqf Board Chairman with reference to the Bhainsa Municipality resolution passed on April 4 and recommended to issue NOC for fencing of 3 graveyards. His letter and Bhainsa Municipality resolution are safe with ‘Siasat’. Several plots were made to gobble up valuable Waqf land and it was tried to mislead Waqf Board.

Interestingly resolution no 134 of municipality which was attached with the MP’s letter is different from the resolution 134 sent to Waqf Board. Now the question arises as to which resolution should be deemed correct?

The resolution sent to the Waqf Board doesn’t have a mention of graveyard. This would indirectly declare Abdullah graveyard land as municipal land. Municipal Corporation in its resolution has mentioned Abdullah graveyard land as only ‘notified land’ while the other two graveyards have been mentioned as ‘notified Waqf lands’.

If the Waqf board without checking the minute details issues NOC, then Bhainsa Municipal Corporation will get a chance to say that it had never termed the said land as Waqf. The list sent along with the letter of Hyderabad MP contains the names of 2 graveyards while the name of Abdullah Khan Graveyard has not been included.

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