Minorities’ panel wants addl 8% quota

Minorities’ panel wants addl 8% quota

Andhra Pradesh State Minorities Commission chairman Abid Rasool Khan, along with members Sardar Sarjit Singh and Gautham Jain today met Chairman of Backward Classes Commission B.S. Ramulu and Members to put forward the Commission’s submissions justifying to provide additional 8% reservation to Muslim Minorities apart from 4% which was being received by them as per the earlier orders.


The Chairman, after congratulating B.S. Ramulu and the Members, who have assumed charge recently, appreciated their immediate efforts in conducting a hearing on reservation to Muslim Minorities. The State Minorities Commission submitted its submissions on Reservation that have been recommended by G. Sudhir Commission’s report in August this year for Muslim Minorities should be additional 8% over and above the 4% which has already been provided earlier.


The Commission explained that Muslim Minorities are socially, economically and educationally backward as have been recorded in G. Sudhir Commission’s Report, Justice Ranganath Mishra Commission’s Report and Justice Rajender Sachar Commission’s Report.


The Commission also explained that in the Socio-Economic Survey conducted by the Commission, and the interaction, the Commission had during its Tour to the Districts and during the review of 15 Point Prime Minister’s program clearly found that Muslim Minorities are Socially, Economically and Educationally backward and need reservation to come up and become equal citizens in the country.

The Commission explained that earlier 4% reservation was provided to Achehukattalavamdlu,  Attar Saibulu, Dhobi Muslim, Faqir,  Garadi Muslim,  Gosangri Muslim, Guddi Elauguvalli, Hajam,  Labbi,  Pakeerla,  Qureshi,  Shaik, Siddi and Turaka Kasha excluding the poor, Backward, eligible and needy sections of Minorities only on the ground that they do not hail from these communities.

Abid Rasool Khan said he found the Commission was unjustified as the poor, needy and economical backward sections of the sects in the Muslim Minorities should be granted reservation,  irrespective of their sects, it will be fair and justified. The Commission would like to say reservation should be given to Muslim Minorities as additional 8% over and above 4% already granted, receivable and application to sections of Muslim Minorities irrespective of sects and beliefs, but on the grounds their socio-economic Para meters, which can be fixed by the Commission.

The Commission requested B.C. Commission to take the detailed information with regard to Socio-Economic Survey before submitting its findings to the Government, so that the same stands good to any review by any court of law as it is a fact that the course of law often  questioned the Authorities of Non-Statutory Bodies in conducting such surveys.

The representation of the Andhra Pradesh State Minorities Commission was well received by the Chairman and Members of the B.C. Commission, Government of Telangana, who have assured that they will give justification and due consideration to the arguments submitted, Hassain Saheb, OSD to Chairman has stated. (NSS)