Minority institutions working on the wishes of its officials & persons close to them

, 12:31 PM IST

Although government institutions work according to the fixed rules and regulations but the government rules do not seem to apply on Minority institutions. This is the reason that the Minority institutions are working on the wish and will of its officials and the persons close to them.

If the reasons behind the failure in implementation of schemes and non-performance of Minority institutions are analysed it may be observed that government has no control over these institutions as a result wilfulness and irregularities prevail in the institutions. Many important schemes are under Minority Finance Corporation but the performance of the corporation is virtually paralysed and several schemes are in the phase of implementation.

Although the corporation has turned into the hub of controversies for the past several months as the person closed to Secretary Minority Welfare and Managing Director Minority Finance Corporation is holding sway over the institution. Interestingly the said General Manager retired in February this year, but still has a say in the decisions of the Corporation. Recently he has been involved in appointing a very junior person on the post of general manager who is also his relative thus doing injustice to a senior officer. As per rules after the retirement of General Manager the most senior person will be eligible for the post.

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