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Mitsubishi showcases aircraft technology at Singapore Airshow 2016

Mitsubishi showcases aircraft technology at Singapore Airshow 2016

Singapore / Myanmar : Japanese multinational automotive manufacturer Mitsubishi has displayed the latest state-of-the-art aerospace systems and equipment at the Singapore Airshow 2016 held at Changi Exhibition Center here.

This was the Asia’s largest and one of the most important aviation-related industry exhibitions and top aerospace companies around the world participated in it.

Mitsubishi Aircraft displayed the next-generation regional jet, called ‘MRJ’.

The MRJ, which stands for Mitsubishi Regional Jet, is an aircraft which has been developed in Japan for the first time in 50 years.

Mitsubishi Aircraft announced that it has signed a LOI – Letter of Intent – with Aerolease Aviation, an aircraft leasing company based in the United States, for delivery of 20 MRJ aircrafts, including 10 firm orders.

Based on this LOI, both companies will move forward to conclude a definitive agreement in the near future. Deliveries to Aerolease are scheduled to commence in 2018.

“We are pleased to announce this order with Mitsubishi Aircraft for MRJ90. It’s our first new aircraft order, and we are very excited to be a part of this program,” said Jep Thornton of Aerolease Aviation.

“We firmly believe that the asset value of the MRJ has been recognised in this aircraft finance market,” said Hiromichi Morimoto, president, Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation.

MRJ has already received 427 orders. The company aims for the sales of over 1,000 aircrafts.

“The delivery of MRJ to the launch customer ANA, is set to commence in mid 2018. The development of MRJ is progressing smoothly towards the delivery,” said Moichi Kashiwagi, director, Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation.

The MRJ succeeded it’s first flight in November 2015. Equipped with a state-of-the-art engine, the superior aerodynamic design technology achieved about 20 per cent improvement of the fuel consumption compared with the conventional jetliner models.

The MRJ jetliner established both extreme operating economy and passenger comfort. Unlike the conventional under 100 passenger-class regional jet aircraft, MRJ ensured a much wider room space.

Even the large luggage can be accommodated in the upper part of the luggage rack.

The new designed slim seat provides wide foot spaces.

“For the regional jet aircraft category, Japan is the only manufacturer in Asia region. As a part of Asian company, we have high expectations from the MRJ. We are promoting it to be the most popular aircraft in the Asia region,” said Moichi Kashiwagi, director, Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation.

Mitsubishi Aircraft anticipates demand of about 5,000 aircraft in the regional jet market over the next twenty years.

Demand for regional aircraft is expected to increase for both airlines and leasing companies.

In another story, Japanese pharmaceutical company has become popular in Myanmar.

Japanese pharmaceutical company, Hisamitsu has advanced to Myanmar with their brand ‘Salonpas’.

Salonpas pain relief patch is effective for the temporary relief of mild to moderate aches and pains of the muscles and joints associated with arthritis, sprains, strains, bruises and simple backaches.

Salonpas brand of products are widely exported to over fifty countries in Japan and other Asian nations such as Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, Taiwan.

Salonpas has officially entered to Myanmar recently.

Since Tiger Balm was invented in Burma in the late 19th century, Tiger Balm has been sold for a long time at the external pain relief category.

Myanmar opens up to a consumer goods company since the recent political changes in Myanmar has created a new consumer class in the country.

“Salonpas is made in Japan and it’s a reasonably priced. There are 10 sheets in one box. I recommend this for the customers who are looking for good quality with low price,” said Aye Su San of Mingalar Pharmacy.

“We have been selling Tiger Balm, ECOPLAS and Belladonna plaster. Import of Salonpas was started from Japan in December 2015. We have been selling Tiger Balm for long time. Salonpas was already popular in Myanmar because it was imported from neighboring countries. People who have traveled to Thailand know about Salonpas and come back to our store to buy it,” said Ne Myo Khine of Khine Pharmacy.

“We have been selling Tiger Balm for two years, same as ECOPLAS. We started selling Salonpas in December 2015. After Salonpas made good sales, we ordered another lot. Not only I recommend Salonpas, but customers are also looking for Salonpas,” said Kyi Kyi Win of San Chain Oo Pharmacy.

“It relieves pain quickly in 30 minutes,” said Ms. Swe, a Salonpas user.

“Salonpas is the latest product. Similar products have been sold in Myanmar for decades. The sales of Salonpas has increased after the advertisement in news papers. The brand was already popular in Mynamar, although direct import from Japan started recently. The customer feedback was good. The sales price of Salonpas for two sheet pack is 400 kyats, 10 sheets pack for 1600 Kyats. I wish Salonpas makes more sales in the future,” said Thein Htike of Star pharmacy. (ANI)