Thursday , August 17 2017
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Mixed Reaction To Helmet Rule; Sr.Citizens For Exemption

Hyderabad: As the enforcement of helmet and driving license rule came into force from Wednesday, there has been a mixed reaction from the citizens, especially senior citizens riding two-wheelers.
Despite the warning from the Traffic police about imposing heavy penalty, which includes even a jail sentence, if two-wheelers were found not wearing helmets and also motorists not carrying driving license, it was found that the rule has gone for a toss on Wednesday. During checks at various points in the twin cities, it was found that there was more number of helmet-less riders than those who abided by the rule. Many youngsters, including girls, who were either on their way to their offices or colleges and schools, when intercepted by the Traffic police pleaded that they forgot to wear the helmets though they have one at home.
Many who broke the helmet rule today were let off after a challan was issued with a strict warning that they would be dealt with severely if caught again. Those who promised to acquire a helmet when caught, rushed to the stores selling the head gear but were shell-shocked to find that the prices have been jacked up overnight by the greedy shopkeepers.
While the two-wheelers were not against the helmet rule, they felt it was also imperative on the part of the Traffic police to strictly implement regulation of traffic at important junctions. It was argued that the rash driving by RTC and auto drivers, autos refusing to use meters, free left rule more in violation, vehicles piling up at junctions obstructing vehicular traffic intending to go straight etc should also be looked into by the Traffic police instead of their overzealous action to implement the helmet rule.
As a matter of fact, senior citizens, women and even those riding mopeds, wanted them to be exempted from the helmet rule as was done in the past. Senior citizens pointed out that the heavy weight of the helmets was only increasing their old age ailments. The general complaint from all was that due to helmets they were not able to clearly hear the honking of vehicles coming from behind. Some even complained about their vision getting blurred while driving with a helmet on.
While the two-wheelers and motorists have their own tales of woe to narrate, there was another section which seemed to feel that the helmet and license rule has come as a boon to make hay while the sun shines. As the motor-cyclists and scooterists are making a beeline to acquire helmet, the prices suddenly skyrocketed. On the other hand, those without having a driving license are falling a pray to touts operating at RTA offices to get a license quickly, (NSS)