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Muslim clerics support the stand taken by Muslim Personal Law Board

Muslim clerics support the stand taken by Muslim Personal Law Board

Hyderabad: If the Govt. of India takes steps neglecting the sentiments of the Muslims of India, it would be against the secular character of this country. This would disturb the peaceful atmosphere and tranquility of minorities which will hamper the progress of the country.

Sadar Majlis-e-Ulema-e-Deccan supported the stand taken by All India Muslim Personal Law Board and passed a resolution. The resolution says that the affidavit submitted by Govt. of India in Supreme Court regarding “Triple Talaq” and “Polygamy” is an initial step toward implementation of Uniform Civil Code.

Muslim scholars conducted a meeting at Dargah Syed Shah Khamosh, Nampally. It was attended by Chancellor of Jamia Nizamia, Maulana Akbar Nizamuddin, Maulana Mufti Azeemuddin, Maulana Mufti Khaleel Ahmed, VC of Jamia Nizamia. Maulana Khaja Shareef, Maulana Syed Mohammed Siddiq Husaini, Maulana Qubool Basha Qadri Shuttari, Justice Syed Shah Mohammed Qadri, former Judge of Supreme Court. Maulana Syed Ibrahim Husaini Qadri and many others.

In the resolution adopted by the Muslim scholars it was clearly indicated that the Muslims of India cannot tolerate any interference in their personal law. They would lead their lives with complete identity of their religion. They demanded the Govt. to withdraw any step for the alteration of Muslim Personal Law and maintain the freedom of religion.

Addressing the gathering, Mufti Azeemuddin told that there is no scope for any alteration in Muslim Personal Law since it has been formulated on the lines of Quran and Hadith. He referred to the tradition of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) in which he had said that if you entrust your matters to others, wait for the Dooms Day.

Mufti Khaleel Ahmed categorically refused that no one has a right to discuss about Muslim Personal Law. If “Triple Talaq” is banned in 22 Muslim countries, the Muslims of India have nothing to do with it since they do not follow any other country. They follow only Islamic Sharia. He explained that Islamic laws are of two parts. The first one refers to worship to Allah (SWT) and the other one refers to matters related to people. He contradicted the propaganda that only certain parts of Muslim Personal Law are being implemented and others are neglected is wrong.

Maulana Akbar Nizamuddin told that Muslims construe the steps taken by Govt. of India as interference in their personal law. Such attempts have been made earlier also. He further said that it is the result of the conspiracy of the Jews. He stressed the need to reform Muslim community. He criticized the Govt. for not regulating Qazi Act, of 1880. The Parliamentary Committee had visited in 1971-72 and observed the Gazi system in Hyderabad.

Justice Syed Shah Mohammed Qadri highlighted the legal aspects of Muslim Personal Law and stressed the need for the lawyers to pursue the matter effectively. The participants of the meeting demanded the Govt. to concentrate on the educational development of the Muslims to eradicate economic backwardness and poverty.

–Siasat News