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Muslim political parties: Loss to Muslims – Zafar Agha

Hyderabad: All of you know what happened in Assam and why did it happened, you have already know by now. This marvel was performed by Maulana Badruddin Ajmal. He is a stalwart of Jamiat-ul-Ulema. His heart beats for the interests of the Muslims. He is a long bearded, staunch worshipper Islamic scholar. In order to serve the Muslims of Assam, he had formed a party but this party worked little for Muslims and helped BJP a lot. Although, this party got 13 Assembly seats, but Badruddin Ajmal himself lost the election. The consequence of Badruddin Ajmal’s communal politics was that Hindu vote bank consolidated under the banner of BJP and 32% Muslim votes got shattered between Congress and Maulana Badruddin’s Muslim party as a result of which, BJP assumed power with two-thirds majority for the first time in Assam. What will happen to Bangladeshi Muslims, you all know, I don’t have to say anything.

Thank you Mr. Maulana Badruddin Ajmal! Congratulations to your Muslim communal politics. I would certainly say that if staunch Muslim leaders like Badruddin Ajmal politicize by forming a separate Muslim platform, then Saffron clad Hindu platform would also be formulated. I have been writing quite often that if we raise the slogan “Naara-e-Takbeer”, there would be the slogan “Jai Siya Ram” also since Muslims are in minority and the Hindus in Majority. It is, therefore, venomous for the Muslims that they should form communal Muslim parties. Why can’t the Muslims of Assam and Badruddin Ajmal understand this?

If firmly believe that the Muslims of Assam do not have political awareness like their counterparts in Bihar. They did not understand this fact and they accepted Badruddin Ajmal as their leader. Mr. Ajmal is less an Islamic scholar and more a businessman. He is engaged in the business of scents at International level. A businessman is more concerned about his profit and loss in business than the worship of Allah (SWT). He is always in search of opportunities for profit in everything. Who knows the politics of Badruddin Ajmal finds more profit in politics that in his business even if it a loss for the Muslims of Assam. Why can’t the Muslims of Assam understand this loss. Badruddin Ajmal is a shrewd businessman. He should not indulge into the politics of loss. Allah (SWT) only knows whether he did business or politics? But it is certain through his politics, the Muslims of India incurred loss. If this loss is from others, it is comprehensible but when our own people stab in the back, it is very strange.

It is Muslims of India who are habituated to get their backs stabbed from our own people. It is an accepted fact that after the independence of India, there was no Muslim politician who could take care of the interests of the Muslims accept Maulana Abul Kalam Azad. Every now and then, some Muslim political parties raised their banners and erected Muslim platforms for politics but they were not the real parties. They were Muslim shops. Such political parties incurred only losses to Muslims. I remember some of the incidences in which Muslims incurred greater losses, for example, in 1980’s, Babri Masjid Action Committee was formed. This committee gathered the Muslims with a slogan “Naara-e-Takbeer”. Babri Masjid was demolish but as a counter politics, the dead BJP mustered mass support under the slogan “Jai Siya Ram” in the 1990’s. As a reaction to the formation of Babri Masjid Action Committee, Muslims had to face hundreds of communal riots and the emotional speeches of its leaders paved the way for the emergence of Hindutva leaders like Uma Bharati and others. In the same manner, by doing the politics of protection of Muslim Personal Law, All India Muslim Personal Law Board made the Congress a party of Muslim interests unnecessarily. Along with it, Mr. L.K. Advani labeled secularism as pseudo-secularism to such an extent that secularism has now become an abusive.

In the same manner, Badruddin Ajmal in Assam and Owaisi in Hyderabad and in the name of Peace Party in UP, raised the banners in the name of Muslims. These parties produced Hindu reaction. It is evident Muslim communal politics benefited Hindu communal politics. The question now is that from the Mandal Politics, the Muslims of Bihar have understood that the Muslim political platform is disadvantageous for the Muslims. Why can’t the Muslims of Assam and other regions of the country understand this? The simple answer of it is that the Muslims outside Bihar have sworn that they have no concern for the interests of the Muslims but they are very much interested in doing emotional politics. If Muslims vote for a bearded Muslim like Maulana Ajmal, they think that the paths of this world and the world hereafter would be opened for them. The Muslims of Assam vote for Badruddin Ajmal thinking on these lines. In the same manner, the Muslims of Hyderabad think that by voting Owaisi family, they would return to the reign of the Nizam of Hyderabad. All these are the symptoms of ignorance. So long as the Muslims do this kind of politics, they would continue to face the situations like Assam.

Now the question is what is the lesson we get from Assam? It is a simple answer that if Muslim plotical platform is formed, Hindu political platform would also be formulated. In this process of Hindu-Muslim politics, Muslims would incur greater losses. It is, therefore, we must clearly that the Muslim platform is a shop established by a Hindu communal organization or it is an emotional platform which would cause losses to the Muslims. In the present context, there are two lessons to be learnt for the Muslims: the one is that Assam model is a transaction of loss; the second for the sustenance of the Muslims and for the protection of Muslim interests, Bihar model of politics is beneficial.

–Siasat News