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Muslim woman from Hyderabad sold in Oman by travel agent in Dubai

Muslim woman from Hyderabad sold in Oman by travel agent in Dubai
Picture courtesy: DC

Hyderabad: Rubina Fatima 46 from Vatepally was sold in Oman by a Gulf travel agent. She was promised a salary of Rs.80,000 as a maid in Dubai. On arrival, her in Dubai on February 3, Md Abdul Sattar of Ababil Group Tours and Travels took Rubina to Oman.

She was then sold to Rajat Arabi in Oman. Since then, she is being continuously transported from one place to another and is forced to do odd jobs.

“Since three months my wife is facing trouble and she is also being assaulted by people there. They are not providing her food and medicines. She is also not allowed to come back to India although her visit visa has expired. She is being detained there illegally” said her husband Ghulam Hyder.

He also said, “We have filed a complaint to Falaknuma police about this with the help of Mr Amjadullah Khan. We never knew what to do. It was Mr Khan who helped us. He has also requested the external affairs minister to get my wife back to India.”

Mr Amjadullah Khan said, “It’s very important to understand that the number of migrants facing problems is increasing in Telangana and it’s the need of the hour that the government of Telangana addresses this issue and orders the police to book these agents under the PD Act. The agents are now being booked only for cheating. They are coming out on bail and continuing their business. Strong action should be taken against the agents.”

Inspector of Falaknuma said, “We have booked the agents under Section 420 and are hopeful that the external affairs ministry will help the family”, as reported in DC.