Wednesday , August 23 2017
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Muslims second largest community in Karnataka

Bengaluru: After Dalits, Muslim community is the second largest group in Karnataka, according to a leaked data of a recent caste survey.

According to a fresh survey report, Dalits are the largest group in Karnataka constituting 24% (1.08 crore) of the state’s 6 crore population.

Muslims constitute 12.5% of the state’s population, reveals the report. So far it was widely believed that politically dominant Lingayats followed by Vokkaligas are the numerically biggest community in the south Indian state.

Leaked data of caste survey in Karnataka

Scheduled Caste  1.8 crore
Muslims  75 lakh
 Lingayats  59 lakh
 Vokkaligas  49 lakh
 Kurubas  43.50 lakh
 Scheduled Tribes  42 lakh
 Idigas  14 lakh
Brahmins 13 lakh