Mutavalli of Dargah Hazrat Durvesh Muhiuddin suspended, Waqf Board takes over affairs

, 12:01 PM IST

Hyderabad: Waqf Board suspended Mutavalli of Dargah Hazrat Durvesh Muhiuddin located at Karwan Saahu and took over the affairs. It also formed a committee to undertake the affairs. As per the orders issued by Chief Executive Officer Mohammed Asadullah, graveyard, Naqqar khana, Khanqah Sarae and agricultural land, attached to Dargah Hazrat Durvesh Muhiuddin, spread over 146710 sqyds were recorded in the Waqf gazette. The details are recorded in gazette no 12-A dated 21-March-1985.

On the complaints of illegal sale of the land and other irregularities, the Board had appointed an Investigative Officer who in his report revealed about the illegal sale of Waqf land by the mutavalli. Besides this irregularities like misappropriation of funds, issue of pass books in favour of occupants and failure in protecting Waqf lands were also exposed.

The investigative report was moved to Competent Authority Syed Omer Jaleel who issued suspension orders of Mutavalli Fazalullah Shah Quadri on the basis of the report.

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