Narayana Condemns the Centre’s failure in bringing Kohinoor back

Narayana Condemns the Centre’s failure in bringing Kohinoor back

Dr.K.Narayana, National Secretary, CPI in a press statement vehemently condemned the failure of in bringing back Kohinoor Diamond from London Museum by BJP which poses them selves as patriots.


Indian community with in India and abroad shocked to hear the arguments of lawyers of Ministry of Cultural Affairs that Kohinoor diamond was not looted by the Britishers but it was the gift to the East India company by the then king Ranjit Singh.


CPI urged upon the central government in general and Prime Minister Narendra Modi in particular has to give explanation to the nation how lawyers have made such a plea in Supreme Court without his permission on such a matter of national importance? Whether Modi himself has ordered lawyers to make such plea in order to misguide people of the country?, he questioned.


During visit of Modi to London, present British Prime Minister has replied to Modi’s question in this regard that if at all Kohinoor diamond is to be returned to India, entire London Museum will become empty. Modi’s conspicuous silence was clear indication of his real shake hand with British Prime Minister at the cost of Kohinoor Diamond, he alleged.


CPI urged upon Modi government to invest all its efforts sincerely to bring back Kohinoor diamond and express apology to the nation for the intentional blunder mistake.(NSS)