Monday , August 21 2017
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Navrasa Duende launches ‘The Pocket Punch Brotherhood’ – forum to promote newspaper cartoons

New Delhi [India]: While today’s generation grows up on a diet of memes and cartoons on social media that often satirize current events, the satire & humour that newspaper editorial cartoons can create on political and social establishments is incomparable.

Navrasa Duende, a leading production house, on the occasion of World Cartoonist Day, announced the launch of ‘The Pocket Punch Brotherhood’, a forum aimed to preserve and promote the art of cartooning.

Mr. Dinesh B. Singh, Founder, Navrasa Duende said, “Newspaper cartoons around the world have been one of the most impactful ways of making intelligent political commentary with humor. It is an art that is even more relevant today with the growing intolerance to direct criticism. With the creation of The Pocket Punch Brotherhood, we aim to preserve this beautiful, artistic expression of journalism that combines satire and humor, through a global platform.”

“We also want to change perception among the current generation that favor animation more, that there are no replacement to editorial cartooning. In fact, given the reducing attention span of most people, this creative form of journalistic expression is all the more relevant today,” he added.

The one-of-a-kind, global forum, set to launch in October, will organize editorial cartoon competitions, exhibitions, forums, seminars to promote editorial cartooning cause globally.

Navrasa Duende conceives, creates, designs, manages and promotes unique productions of live entertainment across the world in a wholesome way, covering music, dance, theatre, cinematic arts, visual arts, literature, tourism, and events, at times blending multiple genres. (ANI)