Need for a cultural center in Old City

Need for a cultural center in Old City

Hyderabad: Telangana chapter of INTACH and ICOM held a colloquium on the occasion of International Day of Museums on “Museums and Cultural Context” at Salarjung Museum yesterday. Noted heritage activist, Mr. Sajjad Shahid, Dr. Anand Raj Verma, Mr. M. Veda Kumar, Ms. Humaira Ahmed, Dr. Keshav Rao, Sr. B.K. Anitha, Dr. M.A. Nayeem, Dr. Shyam Prasad and others participated in the colloquium.

Speaking on this occasion, Dr. Anand Raj Verma told that on the lines of the new city, the old city of Hyderabad also needs a cultural center since it is the inheritor of the real culture of Hyderabad. The rulers of the present day have converted it into Old City. He pointed out certain places where a cultural center equipped with modern amenities could be established. He also said that the clocks installed on the monuments of the Asif Jahi periods have been destroyed.

Mr. Sajjad Shahid told that the Chabutras of the old city were like the drawing rooms wherein people used to discuss various issues and they used to formulate the course of action for the future but “Mission Chabutra” is being projected as a black spot on the culture of Hyderabad. There is a need for the photo exhibition of the old city in order to depict its past culture so that our culture could be saved from getting infamous.

Mr. Veeda Kumar told that Afzal Park adjacent to Osmania Hospital was constructed for entertainment of the patients but during the tenure of Mr. NTR, it was dismantled and a pathway was constructed for Osmania Hospital against which civil society organized a massive protest. He further told that if the Govt. neglect their responsibilities, civil society and voluntary organizations have to come forward to save the historical importance and the cultural heritage of the city.

–Siasat News