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This new App designed to track tremors, save lives

This new App designed to track tremors, save lives

New Delhi: In a bid to track tremors and make earthquake warning faster, a new app is launched and it may potentially save the lives of its users.

The app named as MyShake would be available on Android. The app links users to become an all-in-one earthquake warning system, Reuters reported.

The app released by the University of California, Berkeley, could give early warning of a quake to populations without their own seismological instruments.

“MyShake cannot replace traditional seismic networks like those run by the U.S.

Geological Survey. But we think MyShake can make earthquake early warning faster and more accurate in areas that have a traditional seismic network, and can provide life-saving early warning in countries that have no seismic network, said Richard Allen, leader of the app project and director of the Berkeley Seismological Laboratory. (ANI)