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New Education Policy unacceptable to Muslims – Demand to review

New Education Policy unacceptable to Muslims – Demand to review

Hyderabad: Muslim Education Society of Telangana State expressed its anxiety over the proposed New Education Policy, 2016 and said that this against the spirit of secular fabric of constitution of India. It is an attempt to impose Hindu culture in the name of education which is not acceptable to Muslims and other compatriots.

The society has made a representation to Governor of Telangana and A.P., Mr. E.S.L. Narasimhan and also sent a letter to Union HRD Minister, Mr. Prakash Javdekar. In the representation, it has been mentioned that Muslims and other communities would be put to loss and hence there is a need to review it. The memorandum which contains 15 points has been signed by Mr. M.S. Farooq, General Secretary of the society.

It has been mentioned in the representation that instead of Indian History, Ancient Indian Philosophy with Yoga and Vedas have been proposed. Emphasis has been given Sanskrit education. The policy contains many such aspects which are not acceptable to Muslims since Hindu nationalism has been highlighted in it. Although, it has been mentioned that equal opportunities would be provided to all the communities but by accepting it in the present form will damage the interest of the Muslim community. It will also pose a serious challenge to Constitution of India.

It may be mentioned that in the reports submitted by Justice Rajinder Sacchar and Mr. Ranganath Mishra, it has been mentioned that Muslims have become backward educationally. With the draft proposal of the new education policy of 2016, the anxiety of Muslims has been increased. In the representation, it has been mentioned that TSR Subramanyam committee has not considered the recommendations made by various minorities organizations but an attempt has been made to nullify the safeguards given in Article 30(1) of the Constitution of India for minorities. It has also been said in the memorandum that the views of the first education minister of India, Maulana Abul Kalam Azad have been overlooked and in this manner, the struggle for the freedom of India has been tarnished.

Minister of HRD was reminded that before 42nd Amendment made in 1976, school education was under the purview of the State Governments but this policy has been deviated. Therefore, there is a need to entrust the affairs of school education to States so that State Governments could formulate their policies according to local needs.

It may be noted that in the Education Policy of 1968, three language formula was not implemented sincerely as result of which, Muslims were put to loss. The State Governments failed to provide education to Muslim students in their mother tongue. These students were forced to get education in the regional languages of the States.

Muslim Education Society lamented that in the five member committee to draft New Education Policy of 2016, not a single member from Minority communities was included. It expressed apprehensions about the dangers which Muslims would face if the New Education Policy of 2016 is implemented since they fear that they will lose their identity and they would face the danger of eliminating their mother tongue and cultural identity.

At the end of memorandum, HRD Minister is requested to intervene and review this policy and prepare a new draft.

–Siasat News