Wednesday , August 23 2017
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New YouTube Android update for better navigation


Mountain View: To improve user-experience of Youtube app, Google has released a new update for Android users.

According to IBT, the search engine giant has made changes to the YouTube interface on the basis of users’ feedback. The navigation tab will help users switch between multiple videos smoothly.

“We’re introducing an improved look for the YouTube Android app. The update provides a consistent layout across mobile and allows for easier navigation within the app,” YouTube team said in a statement.

New features include:

Google has made the Navigation tabs’ label look clearer and also moved it to the bottom, so, that the user’s thumb can reach the tabs with less effort.

“Account” and “Library” have been separated to make the navigation simpler. User videos (e.g. playlists, watch history, uploads) are in “Library,” while Account and Settings shortcuts are in the profile icon at the top.

The navigation bars will now be visible on all pages (except for Watch).

The app remembers where you left off on each tab. For example, if you scroll down through the Home feed, then go to your Subscriptions tab, and then return to Home, you can easily pick up from where you left off.

This update was already available for iOS version, whereas for the Android variant, it just started rolling out now. Since it is being deployed in phases, it will take a few days for the firmware to reach all corners of the world.