“No one discusses dignity and honour of man, all are fighting for dignity of women”- Court observed while acquitting man in false rape case filed in 2013

, 7:26 AM IST

New Delhi: Delhi Court observed that now the time has come for enacting a law to protect men against whom fake rape cases are filed.

According to the news published in The Hindu, the judge, Nivedita Anil Sharma observed, “No one discusses about the dignity and honour of a man…all are fighting only for the rights, honour and dignity of women. Where is the law to protect a man from such a woman where he is being persecuted and implicated in false cases? Perhaps, now it is time to take a stand for a man’’.

The judge acquitted the accused Pherudin alias Pheru Khan from fake rape charges. The complainant filed a petition that she has no objection if FIR is quashed saying that sexual contact was made by “free consent and sweet will”.

It is to be noted that, she had filed fake rape case against him. In her complaint, she accused that he had sexually assaulted her at her house in 2013 finding her alone.