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No shoes, henna, watches, jewellery, tattoo in Group exams

Hyderabad: Candidates wearing shoes, watches, tattoos and girls wearing jewellery or henna on their palms will not be allowed to appear for the Group exams to be conducted on November 11 & 13 by Telangana State Public Service Commission (TSPSC). Candidates will have to either go bare feet or wear flip flops slippers or sandals otherwise they won’t be allowed to write the examination. They are not even allowed to wear a wristwatch or carry a wallet. If they have any tattoo on any part of their body and if a woman candidate has worn any jewellery and henna designs on her palms he or she will not be allowed to appear the exam.

The commission has mentioned the dress code in its instructions to the candidates appearing for the written exam for Group-II services in the government. One of the officials said that the instructions were issued only to ensure that there are no malpractices while the exam is conducted. He said, ”Shoes and wrist watches are not allowed because there is every possibility that the candidates might bring slips in them. He also said that the commission suspects that there is a possibility of candidates scribbling answers within the help of tattoo and henna designs and it may become difficult for invigilators to inspect each and every student.

The official notification says, ”The candidates will be subjected to frisking to ensure that they are not carrying any electronic or any other gadgets, mobile phone, tablets, pen drives, Bluetooth devices, watch, calculator, log tables, wallet, purse, notes, charts, loose sheets or recording instruments strapped on your body or in your pockets.”

The education board asked candidates to wear “light” clothes and wear half-sleeves without big buttons, badges or brooches, which could possibly be used to hide communication devices. It also said that “ornaments like ring, earring, nose-pin, chain/necklace, pendant, badge, brooch etc should be carefully checked”.