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#NotInMyName: Words of communal harmony from Bengal

#NotInMyName: Words of communal harmony from Bengal
Courtesy: Sabrang India

Basirhat: It may be quite difficult for the hate mongers to digest if communal harmony prevails in the country after their utmost efforts of dividing people to rule.
No matter how much they try to divide the diverse nation, there will always be places where people love each other irrespective of the faith they belong.

A story was published in Sabrangindia, highlighting how people of Basirhat in Bengal are cooking together and living without hating each other for their differences.

A citizen of India writes:
“Name of the boy who shared the pic was Shoubhik.
Name of the local old man who safeguarded Shoubhik’s family was Amirul.
The local young man who called fire brigade was Maqsood.
The person who took Shoubhik’s family to shelter is Rafiqul.
Digest it, you hate mongering morons.”

Facebook Post, Courtesy: Sabrang India

It was Shoubhik’s uncle’s Muslim friends who saved him from the mob and made sure he is not lynched.
Hindus and Muslims cook together for themselves in a shelter at Basirhat after a communal tension erupted a few days ago. People out there have again proved that it is not the common people who want unrest.