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Obama approves ‘broader role’ for US military in Afghanistan

Obama approves ‘broader role’ for US military in Afghanistan

Washington: Expressing concern over the security situation in Afghanistan, US President Barack Obama has approved broader role for his troops stationed in the war-torn country to help Afghan forces effectively carry out anti-terrorism operations.

“What these authorities will allow is it will allow US forces to engage in similar efforts to accompany conventional Afghan security forces when they undertake operations,” White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest told reporters at his daily news conference yesterday. “What this would allow is the US forces to be more proactive in supporting conventional Afghan forces as they take the fight to the Taliban.

And this means, in some cases, offering close air support, or it means, in some cases, accompanying Afghan forces on the ground or in the air,” Earnest explained. Noting that to this point, US forces and NATO partners have, in some situations, been accompanying Afghan special operators, Earnest said this authority would allow the American forces to accompany conventional Afghan forces in certain situations, but when they’re accompanying them, they continue remain focused on the advice-and-assist mission that they’ve been carrying out now for almost two years. The US, he said, continues to be concerned about the security situation in Afghanistan. “Afghanistan is a dangerous country.

It has been for some time now, and it still is today,” he said. “I don’t think anybody, from the President on down, was under the illusion that after a couple of years of being responsible for the security situation of their own country, that the Afghan government and Afghan security forces would eliminate entirely the threat from the Taliban or any other extremists in that country,” Earnest said.

The White House Press Secretary praised the Afghan security forces for a remarkable willingness to fight for their country. The forces are resilient, even in those situations where they do encounter operational or even strategic setbacks, he asserted.

“There’s been a willingness on the part of the Afghan forces to reorganise and take the fight back to their adversaries. Some of that is evidence of a successful effort on the part of the United States and our NATO partners to train Afghan forces, but some of that is also the built-in national pride of Afghan security forces to fight for their country and to counter the threat from extremists,” Earnest said.