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One Of The Many “Feats” Of the Israeli Army

One Of The Many “Feats” Of the Israeli Army

New Delhi: “Everyone is talking about our Army, we used to hear about similar feats of Israel. But now everyone knows the Indian Army is no less,” said Prime Minister Narendra Modi while addressing a rally at Mandi.

PM Modi’s remarks bring to surface the whispers in the corridors of Israel being the role model for the government in more ways than one. This despite the 2014 massacre of the civilians in Gaza by a relentless and ruthless offensive launched by the Israel Army.

The Israel Army has been bombarding and killing at will the civilian Palestinians for decades now. It has not fought a war against another Army for decades, keeping its offensive against little children, women and others in Gaza and the West Bank. It has not formally joined the current wars unleashed by the United States in West Asia, reserving its Army for the Palestinian civilians.

In 2014 the Israeli army’s prowess was recorded in military action against little children and families in Gaza, that was condemned by a shocked world including governments supporting Israel, and led to protests and calls for justice by the peace loving people across nations.

Huge rallies were held in New York, London and European capitals to protest against the Israel Armys attack on unarmed Palestinians where hundreds of civilians were killed in what was a ruthless operation. All exit routes were closed to the Palestinians who were bombarded day and night with Tel Aviv refusing to heed the calls to ‘call it off’ from even the western capitals.

The Israel Army has established a reputation for its continuous offensive against hapless Palestinians, who have no army, no air force, no military.

The last time the Israel Army did face an armed resistance was, from the Hezbollah in Lebanon it was roundly defeated, despite its military strength and formidable air power. The Hezbollah fighters, not a formal army by any stretch of the imagination, were able to push the Israeli Army back from the Lebanon borders in a ‘victory’ that was recognised, and written extensively about, by journalists and strategic experts across the world.

The Israel Army’s ‘feats’ are limited now to containing the Palestinians, arresting them, beating and torturing them as per reports carried by mainstream independent media in the west. Its last massive military offensive was against the civilians of Gaza in 2014 where it used air power to pulverise the inhabitants of the occupied territory with thousands of little children being massacred; entire families being bombed to death; schools and hospitals being targeted.