One night stand and be a university topper: Professor allegedly tells student

, 12:50 PM IST

Greater Noida: A good teacher leaves an impact on a student’s life and character.

But an incident in Uttar Pradesh’s Greater Noida has smudged the pious relation of a teacher and a student.

According to news18 reports, a female student accused her professor with sexual favors.

The girl is a first year electronic student of Greater Noida’s Gautam Buddha University alleged that the professor tried to molest her and tried to convince her for physical relations.

Not only had this, the professor also lured that if she favours her sexual desire she would get a university topper slot and good grades.

In return of one night stand, the professor will make her career the girl, the alleged.

The university authorities have not spoken about the matter yet. To control the situation, police also reached the spot and tried to dismantle the crowd.

In no time, the news spread and the students stood in solidarity with the girl and started creating a ruckus in the university campus and resorted to sloganeering against the accused professor.

The angry students also protested outside the chancellor’s office and demanded him to remove the accused professor with immediate effect.