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Opening For Site Architect In Qatar

Qatar Project Management (QPM)

The Role
– Review contractors’ and sub contractors’ pre-qualifications, inspect their showrooms, workshop/factory as and when required.
– Make recommendations to the Construction Manager regarding the selection and approval of sub-contractors. Coordinate with / consult with Design Architects / Engineering Manager.
– Review and understand relevant project contract documents (drawings, shop drawings, composite coordinate service shop drawings, specifications, contract documents etc.); coordinate with other site engineers, PMC Materials Expert and PMC design team Civil and MEP before construction activities commence.
– Notify the Construction Manager of discrepancies identified against contract documents for corrective action to be taken. NCN etc.
– Facilitate resolution of issues raised by contractors (e.g. EOT’s, change order requests, variations etc); make recommendations to the Construction Manager as appropriate.
– Record, review, report progress on site against current approved construction schedule. Coordinate with the Project Controls Team re progress of shop drawing submittal, procurement schedule, and material submittal log etc.) prior to its approval by Construction Manager.
– Review, record and report materials submittals, technical data, materials, ensure compliance against Employer’s Requirements / technical specifications and Fast Track offer specifications.
– Inspect, record and report construction materials delivered to the site or to off-site storage, ensure compliance against Employer’s Requirements / technical specifications and Fast Track offer specifications.
– Inspect materials delivered on site are adequately/properly stored and protected as per manufacturer’s recommendations in order to avoid damage of materials.
– Record and report works non-compliant with Employer’s Requirements / technical specifications and / or Fast Track offer specifications to the Construction Manager.
– Inspect, record and report on site quality control issues (e.g. through thorough testing of materials and verifying of materials, adequate storage of materials, contractor’s submittal of written undertakings, warranty and protection of installed systems etc.).
– Review, record and report on “benchmark mock-ups” and “progress work” against contract documents; provide comment and recommendations to the Construction Manager as required.
– Contribute to Health and Safety of all on-site personnel; report observed safety violations to the Construction Manager and/or Health and Safety Manager (if available).
– Attend meetings including progress meetings, technical coordination meetings as and when required.
– Facilitate JV Contractor, subcontractor and Designer resolution of design and technical coordination issues with Finishes, Structure, MEP, MSI and external works, etc.
– Review, comment on and contribute to Minutes of Meetings produced by Construction Team Managers and others.
– Contribute to progress reports (Project Controls) cost reports, (commercial team) and other site activities to conclude monthly payment certificates.
– Monitor, record and report contractor’s submittals to QCDD in coordination with PMC Design team
– Attend / support snagging process up to and post completion of construction activities. Monitor, record and report production / issuance of snagging lists.
– Monitor, inspect, record and report results of rectification works.
– Review, record and report on as-built drawings against on site conditions before submission to QCDD.

– Bachelor degree in Architecture or Interior Architecture.
– Should have a minimum of 10 years’ experience in Engineering / Construction fields.
– Experience in inspection of high quality, public architectural works on site preparing site records, reports,
– Experience gained within a consultancy and / or contractor organisation
– Experience in the Middle East, an understanding of its working traditions and customs, cultural heritage would be an advantage.

About the Company
Qatar Project Management (QPM) is an independent subsidiary of Barwa Real Estate Development Company that provides expertise in Project Management, Design Management, Construction Management, and Contract Administration together with other associated Project Management functions. Established in 2008, QPM is centralized platform for provision of Project Management services to Barwa and Qatari Diar as well as local and international markets. QPM provides these services through an in-house team of highly-skilled, motivated, and qualified professionals supported by state-of-the-art information technology and highly-effective Project Management systems.