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Opening For IT Solutions and Services Supervisor in Riyadh

Innovative Foods Company
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

The Role
To manage the daily operations and development of the Information Technology and provide top notch solutions and services. To be responsible for the implementation of technology, directing the work of Information Systems, business analysts, developers, engineers and other computer-related workers. To have the field experience and technical expertise, coupled with an understanding of business and management principles.

• Bachelor Degree in Computer Science / Information Systems, or equivalent (Essential)

• At least 10 years of full-time work experience in IT Solutions and Services domain, 5 years in direct management role

Specialized knowledge/others
• Advance knowledge and hands-on experience in managing and administering solutions and services (Essential)
• ITIL certificate (Optional)

About the Company
The foundation of Innovative Foods Co. was laid down back in 1992 when the restaurant industry was at its fancy stage in Saudi Arabia and international restaurant brands were just starting to penetrate the market.

Saudi young entrepreneur’s university graduates successfully conceived and launched a restaurant concept namely 2in1, it was the success of the 2in1 restaurant brand that led them to explore more opportunities like the untapped market potential in the shawarman sandwich category.

It was clear from the initial brainstorming sessions that consumers love the most popular Arabic sandwich – shawarma, and we need to do is to elevate the experience in terms of consistent quality, variety in flavors, and a clear and hospitable environment for customers to enjoy their favorite sandwich. Shawarmer as a concept was conceived in 1999 and, as the phrase goes “the rest is history……”