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Organized campaign to be launched after Ramadan to protect Wakf properties – Zahid Ali Khan

Organized campaign to be launched after Ramadan to protect Wakf properties – Zahid Ali Khan

Hyderabad: Editor of Siasat Urdu Daily, Mr. Zahid Ali Khan announced that an organized campaign would be launched after Ramadan for getting wakf properties notified in the Govt. Gazette. This campaign would be led by Mr. Amer Ali Khan, News Editor of Siasat Urdu Daily. Recently, he has led a successful campaign for getting 12% reservation for Muslims and travelled 4000 km. in Telangana districts to generate awareness among the Muslims.

This was announced by Mr. Zahid Ali Khan in the protest meeting held at Mahboob Husain Jigar Hall of Siasat Urdu Daily organized by Deccan Wakf Protection Society and Insaaf Organization yesterday. He also said that it is the need of the hour to formulate a strategy for this purpose. He informed that in the present era, the situation for the Muslims in the country is very explosive and we should be prepared to face it. We should make an attempt to resolve issues peacefully without getting excited. He told that any campaign launched by Siasat Urdu Daily meets with success. He made a mention of the promise KCR had made during his election campaign for giving 12% reservation to Muslims but it was known that Govt. of Telangana cannot provide it. Despite knowing this fact, we launched a massive campaign and we were hoping that at least 8% reservations would be given. It remains to be seen that how the Govt. is going to achieve this goal.

Mr. Zahid Ali Khan told that the next campaign would be about the protection of wakf properties for which Mr. KCR had also promised during his election speeches.

He mentioned the attempts of Siasat for the restoration of wakf properties of Bhainsa and Towli Masjid. He pointed out that Nizam VII did not register his properties under Wakf Act. In the same manner, Prince Mukarram Jah also did not register Cherian Palace as wakf property as a result of which Govt. seized this valuable land.

Mr. Syed Aziz Pasha, former CPI MP of Rajya Sabha hoped that in the campaign for the protection of Wakf properties, a large number of youths would participate. He mentioned that Govt. is not serious about protection of wakf properties. Had it been so, it would not have removed honest officers like Jalaluddin Akbar who had issued 62 memoranda against the illegal possession of Towli Masjid but in connivance with the local political party, Govt. of Telangana transferred Mr. Jalaluddin Akbar. He congratulated Deccan Wakf Protection Society for creating awareness and said that it is not possible to protect wakf properties unless Wakf Board is given executive powers. Mr. Syed Waseem Ahmed Qadri who is pleading Wakf Board’s case against Lanco Hills in Supreme Court applauded the efforts of Deccan Wakf Protection Society. He hoped that it would be possible to get justice from Supreme Court in respect of wakf properties belonging to Dargah Husain Shah Wali. He mentioned that Haryana, Punjab and Himachal Pradesh are the states in which there are a lot of wakf properties. Hyderabad comes next in registering wakf properties. Unfortunately, there are no organizations like Siasat Urdu Daily or Deccan Wakf Protection Society in North India.

Mr. Osman bin Mohammed, President of Deccan Wakf Protection Society mentioned the case of masjid Khanam Begum. The president of the managing committee of this masjid is the floor leader of MIM and the members are from the same party. Despite it, this masjid is uninhabited. The outfit of RSS usurped the land of Towli Masjid  and established Annupurna ITI which is run by RSS. The local MLA of MIM had written a recommendation letter to Wakf Board for paving way for the establishment of ITI. On wakf land of 7000 sq. yards pertaining to Towli Masjid, Shamshan Ghat was constructed but MIM leadership kept quiet. Whenever any representation is made to Wakf Board, orders are issued in favour of local leaders.

Maulna Hamid Husain Shuttari said that if illegal possessions on wakf properties are removed, Muslims can benefit a lot. Mr. Shakeel, Mr. Muneer Patel, Mr. Syed Saleem, Mr. Mohammed Nadeem and others also spoke on this occasion.


–Siasat News