Wednesday , August 23 2017
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A.P. and Telangana State deprived foreign investments

Hyderabad: A.P. and Telangana States have lost their status as the top most State for foreign investments. A report was released last year in collaboration with World Bank in which A.P. was ranked 2nd and Telangana 13th position. Soon after this, Govt. of Telangana started complaining that A.P. State has copied industrial and business plans of Telangana. A.P. State informed that out of 340 reforms 218 has been implemented whereas it failed to implement 114 reforms. No details have been furnished about eight reforms.

In the same manner Telangana State has introduced 207 reforms and failed to implement 125 reforms. It has got better ranking than Chhattisgarh. Higher officials opined that this list has been prepared on the basis of implementation of reforms and not on the trade and industrial policies of the States and hence this list cannot be termed as final since the process of ranking is still in progress.

–Siasat News