Pak captures 65 Indian fishermen, seizes 13 boats

Pak captures 65 Indian fishermen, seizes 13 boats

Ahmedabad:The number of Indian fishermen apprehended by Pakistan Maritime Security Agency (PMSA) today increased to 65 as a total of 13 boats were seized by them, an official of National Fisherworkers’ Forum (NFF) said.

NEF had earlier said that PMSA apprehended 36 fishermen and seized six boats in the Arabian sea off Jakhau coast in Gujarat.

The Porbandar-based NFF official said fishermen who were also sailing in the Arabian Sea today informed that a total of 13 boats, which were carrying 65 fishermen, were seized as against six confirmed yesterday.

“We have learnt from our member fishermen in the sea that a total 13 boats from Porbandar, Okha and Mangrol were apprehended by the PMSA with 65 fishermen on-board yesterday,” NFF secretary Manish Lodhari told PTI.

Ten of these boats had sailed from Porbandar, two from Okha and one from Mangrol, he said.