Tuesday , August 22 2017
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Pakistan conducts first test of submarine-launched Babur-3 cruise missile

New Delhi: The first test of the submarine-launched nuclear-capable Babur-3 cruise missile was conducted in Pakistan on Monday with a range of 450 km. The weapon system would give the country a “credible second strike capability”, said the military.
The test was carried out from “an undisclosed location in the Indian Ocean”. It added, “The missile was fired from an underwater, mobile platform and hit its target with precise accuracy.”
The statement said. “The Pakistani military described the test as successful in a statement. Babur-3…in land-attack mode is capable of delivering various types of payloads and will provide Pakistan with a credible second strike capability, augmenting deterrence.”
“While the pursuit and now the successful attainment of a second strike capability by Pakistan represents a major scientific milestone, it is a manifestation of the strategy of measured response to nuclear strategies and postures being adopted in Pakistan’s neighbourhood,” it added.
The video of test fire was posted on social media by Pakistan Army’s spokesperson Maj Gen Asif Ghafoor. “Pakistan successfully test fired first Submarine launched Cruise Missile Babur-3. Rg 450 Km. COAS congrats Nation and the team involved,” he posted on Twitter.
ISPR said. “Pakistan eyes this hallmark development as a step towards reinforcing policy of credible minimum deterrence.”
Last year, Pakistan had said that it was “seriously concerned” by India test-launching its anti-ballistic missiles. The testing of the missile  comes days after India test-fired Agni-IV, a nuclear weapons-capable strategic missile, on January 2, which  has the capacity to carry a one-tonne warhead to a distance of up to 4,000 km.