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Pakistani Hindu girl not eligible for medical entrance exam in India; seeks government help

New Delhi: Mashal Maheshwari, a 17- year-old Pakistani origin Hindu girl in Jaipur, is wandering door to door to get permission to appear in the Medial Entrance examination.

Maheshwari, who came to India around two years back along with her family, including her two siblings, had a dream to serve the society as a doctor but her Pakistani citizenship issue has shattered he dream.

Maheshwari has scored 91% in her Class 12 CBSE this year and has been meritorious throughout her career in Pakistan.

Speaking to ANI, she said that as per PMT exam submission form, she neither falls in the category of Person of Indian Origin (PIO) or NRI which is why she is unable to fill it.

“I scored 91 percent in Class 12 examination with PCMB (Physics, Chemistry, Maths and Bio). I wanted to take bio with medical. When I saw the PMT form, I found there were two categories: either one has to be an Indian or an NRI/OCI. But we do not come under any of the categories. So, the problem now is how I will appear for the exam,” she told ANI.

Maheshwari stated that she would have to take admission in a private university where the donation is Rs. 1.5 -2 crore as a foreigner if she is not allowed to sit for the medical exam.

“From where will I get such a huge amount? I can’t afford this. I can’t afford to sit for a year for their notification as I have already repeated a year and according to the Indian system I am lagging behind two years,” she added.
Maheshwari appealed to the government officials to intervene in the matter and take immediate steps so that she can take up engineering and her year is not ruined.

“We had come from Pakistan two years ago in the hope of better future. I took coaching for two years for medical. I wanted to study medical and be a doctor. My parents are doctors and I also wanted to help the people. Which field can be better than this,” she said.

Although disheartened, Maheshwari expressed hope that the Indian Government would do something for her.
“It would be better if something is done within a month,” she said.