Thursday , August 24 2017
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Parul University ‘Rape’ case: Gujarat State DGP forms 3 member ‘scrutiny’ panel

AHMEDABAD: Jayesh Patel, Gujarat BJP leader and former trustee of Parul University was arrested for the alleged rape of a nursing student at the varsity after three days of the alleged crime.

P P Pandey, the in-charge Director General of Police (DGP) formed a “scrutiny committee” comprising three senior officers to assist with the investigation on Friday.

The committee consists of N K Amin, Mahisagar district Superintendent of Police (SP) Sujata Majumdar, SP CID (crime) and Bhavna Patel, Sub-Divisional Police officer. This team visited the Parul University campus late Friday evening to assist the local police investigating the case.

Pandey said. “Considering the seriousness of the incident, we have formed a scrutiny committee of three officers to assist the local police. This being a sensitive case, we don’t want any part of the investigation to be left out. The committee will be working as a third party to strengthen the case.”

Amin said, “This team is formed to guide the existing investigation team for collecting various evidences from the crime scene, electronic evidence, forensic and all other important evidences. This is a very sensitive case and this committee of senior and experienced officials has been formed to make the investigation speedy, and to ensure that all evidences are collected exactly and scientifically to serve before the court.”

Bhavna Chauhan, was taken into police custody on June 20. She was produced before the court of the Judicial Magistrate First Class at Waghodia.

The remand plea states that the police are “searching for the fourth girl who was present with the accused Jayesh Patel when the victim was taken to his room.”