PDP Minister’s view on KP township purely personal: BJP MLC

PDP Minister’s view on KP township purely personal: BJP MLC
FOR MAIN TRIBUNE: Mehbooba Mufti President PDP.

New Delhi: BJP MLC Surinder Ambardar termed PDP minister Naeem Akhtar’s comments ruling out separate township for migrant Kashmiri Pandits as a “personal view” and not that of the state government. “Naeem Akhtar sahib is a senior and seasoned leader of the PDP and thus his views can purely be termed as his personal view and not that of of the State government”, Ambardar told reporters today. “It is the complete prerogative of the Kashmiri Pandit displaced community to decide on their honourable and dignified return module to Kashmir so there is no need to politicise the issue,” he said.

Government Spokesman and Minister for Education, Naeem Akhtar had ruled out exclusive colonies for Kashmiri migrant Pandits but said the said government would consider any alternative plan, even from separatist groups, to rehabilitate the minority community in the Valley on May 19.

“The proposal is to make land available where everyone can live. There is no question of an exclusive colony. That is out,” he had said in Srinagar.

The BJP MLC said, “As far as I know, BJP’s stand on return of pandits remains the same that no decision will be taken on Pandits return without taking the displaced community in confidence”

Ambardar said Kashmir needs “harmonious restructuring” as certain elements were persistently trying to erode its social fabric.

He said it was a futile attempt as a majority of Kashmiri Muslims are keen to see their KP brethren back.

“However, for state and central government, the need is to first create an interface with the displaced community. Once the roadmap and proposal is formulated there can be debates with any other political party and civil society,” he said. He said that the present debate on the issue is not relevant as government is constructing the accommodation for six thousand displaced employees who have gone to Kashmir valley for employment.