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Permission to probe against Akbaruddin Owaisi in Religious Hatred Case creates rift between TRS and MIM

Hyderabad: There is still two years’ time for the next Assembly Elections but due to the varying political situations, it seems that new political alignment has already started. Differences between TRS and MIM seem to be evident. Both the parties have started targeting each other sometimes directly and on the other time indirectly.

This time, MIM has to face a severe competition since it has to encounter a very veteran politician, KCR who is an expert in turning his political opponents into his favour. It is an indication that everything is not well.

Recently, Govt. took a step against the local political party by granting permission to Kareem Nagar police for starting investigations against MIM MLA and Floor Leader, Mr. Akbaruddin Owaisi in Religious Hatred Case registered by Mr. Mahender Reddy, Advocate. After the probe starts, it is likely that a new political turbulence might start. The people of the State have already witnessed such situations in the past. During the regime of the last Congress CM of integrated A.P., Mr. Kiran Kumar Reddy, MIM had broken ties with Congress before the elections of 2014.

MIM contested against Congress candidates and campaigned against it in other states. Recently in Maharashtra, MIM floated its candidates in Municipal Elections. Although only two of MIM candidates won the elections but MIM was instrumental in damaging the chances of winning elections for Congress and NCP in 22 constituencies. It directly benefited BJP and Shiva Sena.

TRS which was mainly responsible for getting Telangana had aligned friendship with MIM which benefited MIM in GHMC elections. Recently, due to the cross voting of MIM corporators, the post of Mayor of Tandur Municipality went to Congress. The support of MIM to Congress irritated TRS. It is said that while selecting Wakf Board members, State Govt. had overlooked MIM. In addition to it, TRS did not give importance to MIM candidates in nomination quota but CM suddenly declared 5 Muslim candidates. In such a situation, it was a dilemma for MIM whether to support the Govt. or maintain distance from it.

It seems that KCR knows fully well the political strategies MIM is taking. The floor leader of MIM recently raised the issue of Alair Encounter and demanded justice to the victims. In addition to it, MIM may raise objections in spending the budget amount for Minorities during the current financial year. It may also raise the issue of 12% reservations for Muslims. It is understood that MIM would adopt a hostile attitude against the Govt. on such issues but it has to face the experienced veteran politician, Mr. KCR who has already prepared counter strategy gauging the situation. It will be known in the next few days what kind of political situation would take place.

–Siasat News