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Petra Laszlo, Hungarian camerawoman sentenced for kicking, Refugee-tripping

Petra Laszlo, Hungarian camerawoman sentenced for kicking, Refugee-tripping


Europe: A Hungarian camerawoman sentenced to three years’ probation for disorderly conduct by Szeged District Court.The actions of Petra Laszlo sparked global outrage after being filmed kicking and tripping a refugee man who was running with a child in his arms on the  Hungary-Serbia border.

The incident, which occurred in September 2015, went viral after footage of her actions was uploaded to Facebook. She was then fired from her job at Hungarian TV station N1TV.

Laszlo, 40, apologized several times by saying it was a mistake. She said she panicked and wanted to protect herself when hundreds of asylum seekers broke through a police cordon in a field and ran in her direction.

Judge Illes Nanasi said Laszlo’s behavior “ran counter to societal norms” and rejected her defence lawyer’s argument that she was trying to protect herself.

According to the  Hungarian law Breach of the peace carries a maximum sentence of two years in prison but she will not face jail unless she violates the terms of her probation.

She appeared in Szeged District Court hearing via video link as she was receiving death threats.Her lawyer, Ferenc Sipos, said. “It is not a crime if somebody acts to defend herself…she was in danger, and she tried to avert this danger with her actions.

László said her life was “ruined” by the footage. She said She has been called a “heartless, racist, children-kicking camerawoman.”