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Philips India to launch awareness initiatives on sleep disorders

Philips India to launch awareness initiatives on sleep disorders

New Delhi: Marking the occasion of World Sleep Day 2017, Philips Healthcare India on Friday announced plans to extend sleep camps and launch a Centre of Excellence for training doctors on diagnosing sleep disorders in major cities in the country.

The Centre of Excellence will provide certified training to doctors on diagnosis and treatment of sleep associated disorders.

The sleep camps will raise awareness on sleep disorders and the necessity of visiting sleep labs and seeking medical attention for healthy and sound sleep.

“Awareness on sleep disorders is rising — people are increasingly looking at lack of sleep as a potential health issue. But a lot needs to be done, especially in tier-II cities,” said Harish R, Head of Sleep and Respiratory Care at Philips, India.

“Sleep disorders and their relation with potentially life threatening conditions like diabetes, hypertension and cardiac arrests cannot be ignored,” he added.

Symptoms of sleep apnea include unwarranted daytime sleepiness and trouble in concentrating which can have a serious impact on health and increase cardiac conditions, strokes, neurological disorders, diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity and irregular heartbeats.