Friday , July 28 2017
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After planting the plants Govt. forgets to irrigate them

Hyderabad: If the claims of GHMC are to be believed, there will be plants and trees everywhere in the city of Hyderabad. On 12th July, 2,08,515 plants have been planted as part of Haritha Haram program which has been in vogue for the past three years but the reality is that no such massive activity could be seen. The officials are not in a position to show where these plants have been planted and what their present status is. It is being said that the plantation program is meant to create awareness and the citizens should take care of these plants.

At commercial places, people do not allow the plants to grow oversize. Environment Conservationists say that it is a joint responsibility of Govt., GHMC and other Departments to take care of the plants in the future. The citizens should also take care of them. The citizens of Hyderabad ask Municipal officials about the number of plants planted in one day whereas it has been notified that more than 2 lakh plants have been planted in one day. If these plants are taken care of, pollution could be reduced.


–Siasat News