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PM Modi and his Israeli counterpart join hands for a better future

PM Modi and his Israeli counterpart join hands for a better future

PM Modi is on his historic three-day tour to Israel. The two countries are in talks over building strong diplomatic relations.

According to the sources released, the two nations have agreed upon on building their friendship and cooperation in order for a bright future both the nations. The both nations have signed Memorandum of Understanding

Stating the issues both the countries are currently facing with PM Netanyahu in his speech said, “India and Israel are changing our world and parts of the world”, he further highlights all the positive developments both the nations could come up with the cooperation in and around the world including joint ventures in Africa.

He further adds that these relations between the two nations would help them fight terror and that they will fight for good.

PM Modi thanking the Israeli counterpart for his hospitality said “in modern journey, paths have been different but belief in democratic values and economic progress have been shared objectives.”

PM further speaking about Israel’s achievements so far in fields for water, agriculture, innovation said he dreams the same for his nation too, adding to that he stated his visit would bring a change for development for both the nations in various fields as well as their cooperation would help the nations fight terrorism and other illegal activities posing as threat to the nation, sources reported.