PM Modi Launched ‘Fair And Lovely’ Scheme For Industrialist: Rahul Gandhi

, 7:31 PM IST

Jhansi : Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi today mocked Prime Minister Narendra Modi over the Income Declaration Scheme, saying he has launched the ‘fair and lovely’ scheme to enable industrialists to convert their black money into white.

“(PM) Modi has brought a fair and lovely scheme to wash off the sins of his industrialist friends,” he said, during a roadshow organised in Bundelkhand as part of his ‘Deoria to Dilli Kisan Yatra’.

The Congress vice president said there should have been a scheme for the benefit of the poor and the farmers.

“Some needy farmers took away charpoys from my ‘Khaat Sabha’. They are being dubbed as thieves. But, those who have swindled thousands of crores of rupees, they are treated as defaulters,” he said.

Mr Gandhi said PM Modi would have done better had he taken selfie with the poor back home rather than taking such snaps abroad. Attacking NDA government over petroleum prices, he said when the UPA was in power, the price of crude oil in the international market was $140 whereas now it is $40.

“A lot of surplus money is now lying with the exchequer… I want to ask (PM) Modi where is all the money going?”