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PM’s visit of three Muslim countries and the tour of Muslim leaders: Strange co-incidence

PM’s visit of three Muslim countries and the tour of Muslim leaders: Strange co-incidence

Hyderabad: Governments do not depend on their diplomats for promoting their relations with other countries. It can be ensured by sending influential persons to various countries. It is not a new policy. Every Govt., especially, PM and Ministry of External Affairs send their confidants to the countries where PM is likely to visit. These secret representatives after visiting the countries send their reports to PM or Ministry of External Affairs briefing them about the prospects of PM’s visit. After it, Govt. finalizes the negotiations which are likely to take place between the PM and Heads of other States. On these statements, not only friendly countries but hostile nations also have an eye. The persons who visit such countries are those who criticize the PM for his domestic visits.

Those who visit before PM’s visit to other countries include BJP leaders. They paint a very beautiful picture of Govt. in other countries. One month before Modi’s visit to Dubai in August 2015, a Muslim political leader from South India had visited Dubai for three days. In the same manner, the same leader suddenly visited Saudi Arabia before the visit of PM in April 2016 despite his election engagements. Now that PM is likely to visit Qatar next month, this leader has already completed the tour of Qatar.

A very close confidant, Mr. Zafar Sareshwala also visits Muslim countries as an educationist. After BJP assumed power in India, Muslims have apprehensions about their security. These reports are coming in the way of presenting Modi as a pleasant personality but he has no fear since he has full confidence in his companions who by visiting these countries promote cordial relations of India.

The close confidant of Modi had gained so popularity in the tenure of UPA Govt. that he had started presenting himself as the prospective Minister of External Affairs. His diplomatic capabilities cannot be denied. The visits of these leaders who divide votes and who become the Ambassadors of the country cannot be co-incidental. If it is one visit, it can be a co-incidence but there are three such visits which can’t be categorized as coincidences. About one visit, it can be said that it was a religious one but about the other two visits, it cannot be said so. These visits do not have any business relations also. If these visits are being made to paint the glorious picture of Modi in other countries which Modi’s companions have no idea. The fact is that through the visits of these Muslim countries, Modi is interested in attracting industrialists to invest in India. In order to fulfill this objective, Muslim leaders are secretly helping Modi.

–Siasat News