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Police had no info on Appa Rao’s entry into HCU: DCP

Police had no info on Appa Rao’s entry into HCU: DCP

Hyderabad: The Cyberabad Police on Thursday clarified that its forces were deployed in the University of Hyderabad upon the specific request of the University Registrar that they expect Law and Order problems.

“Vice-Chancellor Appa Rao entered the University and the VC’s lodge on his own and there was no information to the Gachibowli Police. The SHO Gachibowli got information at 10.40 AM that some students had entered the VC’s lodge and ransacked it to protest the VC’s return,” said Madhapur DCP Kartikeya.

Further, the DCP said that from 11 AM to 5.10 PM, the Madhapur Police tried to convince the 150+ odd students to leave the VC’s lodge premises but they didn’t leave. Finally, after two warnings and refusal to leave by students, the police had to lift and take them away. The evicted students formed into a mob outside the compound wall and started stone pelting in which 4 police officers got injured including one women inspector Sunita and one constable who got a head injury. “The police had to use mild force to disperse the students and took 27 of them into custody. There was no lathicharge or abuse of any girl students by male policemen as wrongly reported in some media,” he said.

The DCP said that the police have no other role to play in the University apart from the single objective of preventing a clash between opposing groups. He also denied police role in closure of the canteens and Hostel mess as it is the internal matter of the University. Police is not involved in any way in stopping of cooking etc., in the campus, he said.

“The closing of gates of the University for outsiders is a decision of the University authorities and the Police has nothing to do with this decision. The University’s own security is manning the gates of the university. The role of the Police remains to maintenance of law and order by preventing any clash among various groups and preventing any damage to public or private property,” he said.

Further, the DCP said it has come to notice that some university security persons who wear khaki colored uniform were mistaken as policemen by the media and others. “It has also come to knowledge that though Police is acting fairly and judiciously to maintain peace in the university, some people with vested interests are propagating false information and also misquoting facts,” he said. (INN)