Policewoman dies after thug spat on her face, infected from tuberculosis

, 9:24 AM IST

A 35-year-old policewoman from Ukraine has died after contracting tuberculosis while the thug spat on her as she was detaining him. She was the online sensation in her home country due to a series of glamorous social media photos.

Arina Koltsova, was arresting the man on New Year’s Day when he spit in her face. Koltsova was not aware that the man was infected with tuberculosis at the time of his arrest.

Therefore, she continued her life as normal and remained untreated for too long, even her colleagues did not realise how sick she was until she finally collapsed one day at work.

Her on-duty partner, Officer Mikhail Kindrakevich, wrote: “She had received treatment. She underwent chemotherapy, she was fed food through an IV drip and she had lost a lot of weight.”

Arina Koltsova died on July 25 and was buried in Kiev to days later.

Her unit said of her on their social media page: “This is an irreplaceable loss for the whole of Kiev police, fond memories of Arina will remain in our hearts forever.”