Friday , August 18 2017
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Posing for pic in Machu Picchu, a man dies

Peru: A German tourist, 51-year-old Oliver Park, has died while trying to take a photo atop Machu Picchu. He died after slipping from a ledge and falling approximately 130 feet. He was posing for a mid-leap photo when he fell off Machu Picchu mountain, which overlooks the ancient Incan citadel of the same name.

“He asked a man who was there to take a photo of him,” Guillermo Mestas, a Peruvian tourist. The man came over to take the photo and in the moment he was handing him the camera, he lost his balance and fell. By the time rescuers reached the tourist about an hour and a half later, the man was dead, Mestas said. Peruvian officials said the tourist bypassed a security cordon and ventured into an off-limits area before tumbling to his death.