Private volunteers will not be allowed to check lorries – Police Commissioner

, 7:21 AM IST

Hyderabad: Mr. M. Mahendra Reddy, Commissioner of Hyderabad City Police told that the Hindus and the Muslims to celebrate their festival without any fear. Police is giving an assurance for it. He further told that Hyderabad has been a city of Hindu-Muslim unity.


He warned Gow Rakshak Samiti workers and other activists that they will not be allowed to stop and check Lorries carrying animals. The officials of veterinary Dept. will inspect the vehicles whether they are carrying  cows or other animals. The activists of Gow Raksh Samiti will not be allowed to go near the vehicles. They won’t be permitted to near the check posts. He clarified that there is not provision in the law for voluntary agencies to interfere in administration. He also said that temporary Gow Shalas would be setup by the police.

He assured the Muslim community not to worry about the law and order situation.



–Siasat News